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Food Can Heal. Whether it's a Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, food intolerance, Asthma, Candida, Weight Loss or Celiac diet you need, read on...

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I'd like to share what we did to successfully battle my mother's ovarian cancer. The doctors didn't offer great hope and threw the usual offerings of removal (operate) and chemo. We quickly learnt that the medical fraternity don't like being questioned. We knew we had to do more, and mum is living proof that you can do more using nutrition. Tino, Manly, Australia, April 2011

I have struggled with weight gain for over 10 years. At 32, I weighed 91kg and was desperate. I had tried all the diets...Everyone thought I didn't have the will power. I felt useless. A friend suggested I test for food intolerance. Once I discovered I was intolerant to 14 different foods I hit the jackpot. Thanks to your health program I lost 2kg a week for the first 3 weeks and I'm still losing 1kg a week after 12 weeks...I'm not even counting calories...just avoiding the foods that are toxic to my body. Caroline, Brighton, UK  8 July 2010

Thank you for helping us test our daughter for food intolerance. Her ADHD is a thing of the past. Dean & Marie, Austin, Texas. August 2010

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