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Food Can Heal. Whether it's a Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, food intolerance, Asthma, Candida, Weight Loss or Celiac diet you need, read on...

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I'd like to share what we did to successfully battle my mother's ovarian cancer. The doctors didn't offer great hope and threw the usual offerings of removal (operate) and chemo. We quickly learnt that the medical fraternity don't like being questioned. We knew we had to do more, and mum is living proof that you can do more using nutrition. Tino, Manly, Australia, April 2011

I have struggled with weight gain for over 10 years. At 32, I weighed 91kg and was desperate. I had tried all the diets...Everyone thought I didn't have the will power. I felt useless. A friend suggested I test for food intolerance. Once I discovered I was intolerant to 14 different foods I hit the jackpot. Thanks to your health program I lost 2kg a week for the first 3 weeks and I'm still losing 1kg a week after 12 weeks...I'm not even counting calories...just avoiding the foods that are toxic to my body. Caroline, Brighton, UK  8 July 2010

Thank you for helping us test our daughter for food intolerance. Her ADHD is a thing of the past. Dean & Marie, Austin, Texas. August 2010

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Heal your health condition or food intolerance
with a personalised Online Health Program


Heal your food intolerance & you can prevent, manage or even cure Arthritis, Asthma, ADHD, Diabetes, Insomnia, Weight Gain, Infertility, Heart Conditions, Cancer, Back Ache, and a hundred other conditions or food intolerance symptoms 

Did you know? 

Food intolerance and food allergies are two very different things?

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Did you know that undetected food intolerance underlies many health problems for adults & children?

Do a home test:  if you cure the food intolerance you can heal yourself


What your doctor won't tell you

Download the top 12 things about your family's health your doctor won't tell you. It's FREE and it could help you heal yourself naturally

Want to take back control of your health? An Online Health Program specifically for your food intolerance symptoms or health condition will show you how to adapt and will include:

  • An eating plan with over 200 easy recipes specifically written to heal your health condition or food intolerance
  • Advice on lifestyle changes & the best exercise to improve symptoms
  • How to choose the supplements which actually work - heal your lactose or gluten intolerance for instance
  • An eBooklet all about your condition - knowledge is power.
  • Learn which alternative therapies can help your specific condition
  • Side effects of medication - the treatment can often cause further health issues
  • What the supermarket giants don't want you to know - their food is hurting your health
  • Food intolerance testing & expert advice from a nutritionist to guide you to health
  • Easy access to chemical-friendly cosmetics & household products so that you can restore your body to health
  • How to read food labels and avoid additives which cause illness
  • How to stick to your eating plan even when travelling or eating out
  • How to buy organic without cleaning out your bank account
  • How stress affects your health condition & what to do about it. Stress can trigger food intolerance & diseases like diabetes
  • Support through chat forums, motivational emails, step-by-step guides, E-newsletters
  • It can be downloaded to you NOW!


athumbnailrastpthumb2_2_75It's very simple. When you want to lose weight, you go on a weight loss program. When you want to manage a health condition naturally (and even cure it), you go on a Health Program


Your Health Program is available online NOW and can easily be downloaded to your email or on your i-phone

Simply match your symptoms to a Health Program and take control of your health
match your health condition (ie diabetes or gluten intolerance) to a Health Program and begin to manage your own health

There’s a lot of advice out there, but it’s not practical and doesn’t show you how to do it. The Health Program is a step by step guide to help you to ACT NOW to improve your health. Read 'Our story' to see what we mean and the Case Histories will give you some more understanding of how you can heal yourself by knowing which foods are the right ones for your condition and which supplements to take. There are some easy lifestyle changes to make too.

athumbnailrastpthumb2_2_75The Contented Body is here to act as that one-stop-shop resource centre – giving you not only online advice and support but also an Online Health Program to follow to either cure or manage your food intolerance symptoms or health condition. Act now and download it!

Untreated food intolerance is the trigger for many common health conditions.  Up to 70% of us don't know we have a food intolerance

Click here to find out who the Health Programs are for, what you get and why it works.

Here's a clear example of how food can heal: Medical journals are now reporting that many cases of arthritis are caused by a food intolerance. With the right guidance for your body, you can change your eating habits and benefit from permanent improvement of your food intolerance symptoms. This is because food intolerances like lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance cause many kinds of inflammatory responses in the body. Arthritis is just one type of inflammation which won't improve until you remove the cause of the inflammation (the foods you are intolerant to). This is the case with many other illnesses. (Source: Ebooklet produced for The Contented Body Health Programs).

Add to this, further health advice specifically for your condition including exercise, supplements, alternative treatments, reducing toxins in your food and environment plus other lifestyle changes, and you will soon have a more contented body and greater quality of life. 

Rasberryman_03 WIN A FREE FOOD INTOLERANCE ID KITClick to enter and let us know if you want one for a child or adult.  Winners will be drawn on 30th June 2011.